Top 5 Alternatives to Google Plus


Alternative #1 – Blog in

An open source alternative to Google Plus would be This is a booming micro blogging site for experienced techies. The blogs are posted on a software. uses micro blogging to post information in a swift and timely manner. You can access over the web and cloud.

Alternative #2 – Photos from FreezeCrowd

The list of alternatives to Google Plus will remain incomplete without FreezeCrowd. The special platform lets users connect with people through photographs. As suggested by its name, FreezeCrowd breaks ice and connects individuals using lively memories. Unlike many other social networking sites, FreezeCrowd uses less speech and more pictures.

Alternative #3 – Global connectivity through VK

Moving on, VK is a powerful social network site that spans across different nations like Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. VK is extremely popular amongst Russian users. Nevertheless, you can access VK in several different languages. The iPhone, web and android based network service was originally known as VKontakte.

Alternative #4 – Friendica for Techies

Friendica is another enticing alternative to buy google plus ones. The distributed social network service is hosted on commodity platforms like Apache, PHP and MySQL. If you have WordPress or Drupal, you can install Friendica easily. However, remember that Friendica should be managed and hosted by yourself. This makes the open source application a tacky one!

Alternative #5 – Less Famous MySpace

Next in line is MySpace. Though the site has disappeared amongst Facebook and Twitter, it is still alive. From classmates to friends, you can use the website to meet new people, build interactive playlists, read gossips, share multimedia and download cool applications. In fact, do you know that MySpace will let you kick start blogs? These are simple features that make MySpace interesting and happening!

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